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SASSI - SQL And Source Safe Integration

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Last updated: 01.02.2005

Bring source-control to your SQL database development project. SASSI is a fully integrated development environment for the Microsoft SQL ServerTM-line of database servers.

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Developing your database in a controlled and efficient manner has never been easier! Make use of advanced source-control features (check-in, check-out, rollback, rollforward, and many more) for your database project and engineering team, keep track of changes and generate the necessary scripts to keep all of your databases up-to-date with the latest code release. Editing your stored procedures, views and functions becomes a breeze thanks to the powerful, syntax coloring SQL editor included with SASSI. And as if that was not enough, SASSI even provides you with everything you need to keep your database objects well documented.

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We're proud to present our latest SASSI release:

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